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Our stand on toxic ship vindicated

The Indian Platform on Ship (IPOS) breaking that had alleged that Platinum-II contained toxic and radioactive material on Friday said the report of the central committee vindicated its submission to the Union Environment and Forests Ministry that the vessel contained poly chloride bi-phenyles, asbestos and radioactive material in the structure.

In a statement, IPOS convenor Gopal Krishna said there would never be a situation wherein hazardous wastes will be found in a virgin form, it would always be embedded in the structure of dead vessels like Platinum II.

“I am disappointed with the central committee’s report failure to take cognisance of the conviction order of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and its statement in the matter of Platinum II. It must be taken cognisance of at the earliest,” Mr. Krishna said.

The violation of the domestic law of U.S. puts the ship in the same category as Le Clemenceau wherein domestic law of France and Europe was violated. Supreme Court had stopped its entry into the Indian waters and the French government had to recall the ship. The ship in question too merits the same treatment, he said.

Special Correspondent
The Hindu

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