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Like US dead ship, Barracuda-I, its Tug too not Registered with Kiribati Ship Registry

Note:As per Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)Inspection Reports and other documents submitted by GPCB and Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) to Central Technical Team constituted by Union Ministry of Environment & Forests, the US ship named ‘Platinum-II’ (SS Oceanic, SS Independence)is named D.V. Platinum-II (IMO No. 5160180), which was towed by Tug – Barracuda-I from Dubai (the abbreviation D.V stands for Dead Vessel). The name of the Tug that towed Platinum-II is Barracuda-I (IMO No. 6717019). The name of the Master of Tug is Capt. Arun Kumar Das, who is an Indian citizen.

It has reportedly been claimed by the "present owner"(?) that the tug was registered with Kiribati Ship Registry. The latest information (given below) received today makes it clear that like the Platinum-II ship even its Tug Barracuda-I too is not registered with the Kiribati Ship Registry.

Despite the order of the Union Environment Ministry on US Ship "Platinum -II", dated November 9th, 2009, the ship is still at the Anchorage Point at Bhavnagar, Gujarat. The order is available here:

Indian government's central committee's report on the ship mentioned above is available at
and its annexures which has documents of registry are available at

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 7:32 AM, Liau Siew Leng wrote:

Dear Mr Gopal,

Please be advised Barracuda-I (IMO No. 6717019) is not registered with
Kiribati Ship Registry.

Best regards
Liau Siew Leng

Operation Manager
Kiribati Ship Registry
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#25-02 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

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To: Liau Siew Leng
Subject: Re: Inquiry about "Platinum-II", the Dead US ship

Dear Mr Liau Siew Leng,

Please excuse me for troubling you again. I wish to know whether
Barracuda-I (Name of a Tug) with IMO No. 6717019 is registered with
Kiribati Ship Registry.

warm regards
Gopal Krishna
Indian PLatform on Shipbreaking
New Delhi
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  1. It is registered with Panama, and is fine, two captains means one working each day, IMO 6717019 displayed on page 47 of Annexures. You are not Jim Puckett, check your facts before making up things.

    Also, I find http://Platinum-II.IN site and some news articles via search, you should try to contact them and see what they have found.