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Shipbreaking at Mumbai's eastern coast no better than Alang Beach

Although ship-breaking plots in Lakri Bunder, on Mumbai's eastern coast remains off the radar of media, occupational and environmental health crisis remains unattended.

There have been 10 accidents at the Darukhana ship-breaking yards, resulting eight injuries and five deaths since April 1, 2010.

It has come to light that three workers were killed and six more grievously injured when a petrol-related fire broke out during ship-breaking at Powder Works Bunder in February, 2011.

Fire-related accidents and work-related injuries are a common reality for these workers. ToxicsWatch Alliance (TWA) demands that the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on shipbreaking led by S. Machendranathan must take note of ccupational and environmental health crisis at Mumbai and Alang to set matters rights. So far IMC's work has been far from satisfactory. It has not submitted any action taken report to Supreme Court.