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Ships collide near Alang yard

BHAVNAGAR: Two vessels collided when one was approaching Alang ship-breaking yard for beaching on Wednesday. Fortunately, no casualties were reported in the incident.

According to officials at the yard, Platinum-2' was being pulled to the yard by Barracuda-1' tug when the incident occurred. "The mishap was caused by high tide, during which wires tying the vessels together snapped. Platinum-2' was flung away into the sea and collided with Amira S' ship," said an official of Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB).

"When GMB officials quizzed those on board Barracuda-1', responsible for the mishap, they couldn't produce any explanation for the error that could've resulted in a great tragedy," the official said.

It may be recalled that two vessels had collided in a similar manner in July. The incident was allegedly' swept under the carpet by authorities at the ship-breaking yard.

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