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MPs Demand Action Against Convicted Toxic US Ship

Basudev Acharya, Communist Party of India (Marxist)leader of the house in the Lok Sabha has revealed that he is writing to the Prime Minister to raise the issue of dumping of this convicted toxic US ship named Platinum II (SS Oceanic, SS Independence) in Indian waters. It is noteworthy that if the ship is recalled by the US agencies, no Indian citizen or agency would suffer any financial loss of any kind.

Reacting to a question about the dead US ship, Prakash Javadekar, a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and spokesperson of Bhartiya Janata Partry said, "It happening for a long time in Alang. US has a policy if dumping toxic waste in other countries. we should take some pro-active measures and the government should prohibit such activities". He was speaking on News X, TV channel.

AFP reports India orders probe into 'toxic' US ship

Tehelka news weekly asks How did a ship, banned in the US for its toxic chemicals, get clearance for disposal in Alang

Indian Express reports
Three-member team set up to investigate 'radioactive' ship

Outlook news weekly reports Govt Worried About 'Radioactive' Ship at Alang

Indian Express reports Ramesh orders inquiry into ship off Alang, Gujarat says it's clean

Rediff reports Toxic US ship denied entry into Alang shipyard

The Times of India informs Toxic waste on US ship: Gujarat panel

The Economic Times reports Row over 'radioactive' ship anchoring at Alang

IBN-CNN notes US ship at Alang poses toxic threat to India

The Telegraph reports ‘Toxic’ row over US ship
- Activists allege vessel contains radioactive substances

The Mint revealed Team to examine ship docked near Alang yard

Indian Express reports ‘Radioactive’ ship near Alang: Inquiry ordered

NDTV notes

Press Trust of India reports Ship will not be given permission unless checked: GMB

The Times of India reports 'Platinum-II not to be dismantled at Alang if toxic substance found'

`Toxic' ship: Gujarat panel gives it clean chit, but Centre sends probe team

The Times of India reports 'Radioactive' ship anchors at Alang

The Economic Times MoEF seeks details of ship in Alang from Guj authorities

ANI reports No toxic materials on board Platinum II: Gujarat Govt

Daily News & Analysis (DNA) reports SC panel will not allow ship to beach, US ship stirs toxic panic in Alang and Toxic US ship with dubious distinction sneaks into Alang reports US toxic ship enters in Indian waters without US permission

Jansatta editorial notes hazards from scrap

This ship of US origin, suspected to be carrying toxic substances, arrived in Indian waters on October 7, 2009 without prior permission from the authorities concerned. Right now it is Bhavnagar anchorage point. The officials who were involved in giving clearance for anchorage after the Desk Reviews are under scanner because there are allegations of corrupt practices. Notably, there is no fixed norm for Desk Review and in this case officials of easy virtue have been caught on the wrong foot.

Sources reveal that in a rare unanimity the entire shipbreaking industry, civil society groups, trade unions and most of the MPs are against the entry of this fugitive ship in Indian waters. This convicted ship must be sent back with immediate effect. Significantly, it this dead ship is allowed, there are some 300 rotten and hazardous wastes laden ships waiting to be dumped in India.

Meanwhile, US based Basel Action Network has alerted the US authorities about the legal compulsion to recall the ship.

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