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Industrial Activity on Alang beach amidst radioactive radiation dangers

An application in the matter of recent deaths on Alang beach and radioactive radiation dangers to workers has been filed in the Supreme Court of India.

The application seeks the following directions from the court among other things:
(i)Direct Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of Labour, Gujarat Maritime Board, District Collector of Bhavnagar, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH), Government of Gujarat, Labour Commissioner to explain and file an affidavit with regard to compliance with the directions given by the Court and recurrence of death of workers at Alang since September 6, 2007 order and with regard to the working conditions of the workmen there as pointed out in this application;

(ii)An independent Commissioner may be asked to submit a report on how clearance for anchoring, beaching and breaking has been given to the ships after 6 September, 2007 order and also to apprise the Court of the actual situation at the Alang beach with regard to number of ships, their country/countries of origin with their history, number of workers in each plot, villagers, fishermen, precautions taken for radioactive materials and in transferring hazardous materials or materials containing hazardous substances to avoid spillage into the sea and impact on the coastal environment

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