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New Toxic Ships in Alang

Kind Attention: Ministry of Shipping
Ministry of Environment & Forests
Ministry of Steel

MSC Arabia, a cargo built in 1972 has reached in the Indian waters and is on its way to Alang. It is carrying the flag of Malta. Its IMO no. is 7121671. Its last known port was Jebel Ali.

MT MAR (Chemical Tanker) Arrived at Alang Anchorage on 07.05.2010, Purchased by plot No.9, LDT 9652 Charter Party Claim is there, hence end buyer dropped the deal. Waiting for new buyer. (Agent Natraj Shipping Agency)

MT Theressa-III (Chemical Tanker) Arrived at Alang Anchorage on 14.06.2010, Purchased by Plot No.24-B, LDT 5665 (Agent Demo Shipping Agency). Suspected of Aetomic waste on Board. GPCB yet to clear the ship.

MT Theressa-VIII (Chemical Tanker) Arrived at Alang on 19.06.2010, Purchased by Plot No.05, LTD 6329 (Agent Demo Shipping Agency) Suspected of Atomic waste on Board. GPCB yet to clear the ship.

More details will be shared shortly.

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