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Report of channel blockage due to US toxic ship is Bogus

Note: Report of the channel blockage due to US toxic ship, Platinum II is bogus. Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai, the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India is to hold a meeting on 9th March, 2010 in the matter of US toxic ship, Platinum II and UK's asbestos laden ship, Margaret Hill. UK and EU agencies must ask Dubai government to stop this vessel and the port authorities of Jebel Ali are also allowing her to sail.

European Commission is Investigating Margaraet Hill

Taking note of the UK's obligation to comply with Basel Convention and the European Waste Shipment Regulation and to urgently call the LNG tanker, Margaret Hill back due to false information provided by owners Fortress and Waller Marine on the vessel's further operational use, in a communication recieved from the European Commission (EC)-DG Environment, Brussels, it has been revealed that EC is investigating the case of UK's dead and toxic vessel.

Very reliable industry sources have revealed that the dead and asbestos laden ship is on its way to India from Dubai.

DEFRA, Environment Agency of UK has also been asked about the steps being taken by UK to recall Margaret Hill.

Meanwhile, the hazardous waste/shipbreaking/Platinum II/Margaret Hill matter would came up for hearing on 26 February, 2010 before the the Indian Supreme Court bench of Justices Altamas Kabir and Cyriac Joseph, no wit has been posted for hearing after 4 weeks.

European Commission (EC)-DG Environment, Brussels wrote in a letter dated March 1, 2010 saying, "we would like to indicate that we are investigating the matter and have been in contact with British officials who are closely watching the situation."

It further said, "An assessment on whether a violation of EU legislation has taken place is still ongoing. While the Commission's role is to ensure that Member States properly enforce and apply EU legislation, it is the obligation of the Member States to ensure that economic operators comply with this legislation."

P.S. Toxic ship rejected by UK coming to India
Daily News & Analysis - Rakesh Bhatnagar - ‎Feb 24, 2010‎

The UK must request India to deny Margaret Hill entry into its territorial waters. Moreover, under the European Waste Shipment Regulations, the European ...

Possible arrival of UK's dead and toxic vessel's arrival in Indian waters - ‎Feb 24, 2010‎

While the veteran Margaret Hill has been "off the radar" for a few weeks, in the past few days electronic data has showed it as positioned off the Dubai ...

NGO urges Central panel to stop entry of UK toxic ship
Indian Express - ‎Feb 25, 2010‎

... the Bhavnagar coast, remains in the doldrums, another toxic waste-laden vessel — Margaret Hill — is reported to be on its way to Alang for dismantling. ...

UK warned toxic ship would be scrapped on Indian beach
The Ecologist - ‎Feb 18, 2010‎

The UK Government says it is powerless to stop a toxic tanker, the Margaret Hill, being illegally scrapped in India. The vessel, which NGOs say contains ...

Fears the toxic Magaret Hill could be scrapped illegally in India

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